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What Companies are Best Suited to Move to the Cloud?

Today, everywhere you look, the talk is all about the cloud. All this chatter simply begs the question: who should be making the leap to the cloud? No matter the size, there are benefits for every company. Depending on the maturity of a business, certain features will be more attractive than others. Let’s take a look […]

Bring Shadow IT out of the shadows

Bring Shadow IT Out of the Shadows

  Cloud computing services, especially online software, are so popular today that even if you haven’t strategically implemented them into your business, your employees are probably already using them on their own. This is shadow IT. Shadow IT refers to those tech-related activities that are occurring outside the scope of traditional IT, in an unauthorized fashion. […]

Cloud transformation

The Next Phase of Cloud: Transformation

Cloud computing has matured in recent years and has become more than just a way to drive cost efficiencies or enable a mobile workforce. The technology originally offered a competitive edge to quick adopters, with 77% reporting that cloud provides them with a competitive advantage, but this benefit is falling as more and more businesses make […]

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How to Use the Cloud to Survive a Winter Storm

How do you use the cloud to survive a winter snow storm? More like: How to use a cloud phone system to keep business communications continuity even when it is storming outside? Since the system is hosted in the cloud, changes can be made via an online portal that is accessible from laptops, tablets and […]


The Evolution of Bring your own Device (BYOD)

Whether it’s vacation season or not, the demand for mobility in business in general has been growing steadily, fueling the adoption of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement. If your business is ready to embrace the rewards of BYOD (think happier, more productive employees), it’s time to get serious about mitigating the risks that […]

So what are some of the cloud’s features that may appeal to the CFO?

5 Ways to Convince Your CFO to Move to the Cloud A Chief Financial Officer will naturally have questions about huge transitions to new technology, and that’s okay! Most likely, the cloud is already very much on his or her radar. While a move to the cloud won’t happen in the snap of a finger, CFOs can […]

10 Problems Solved by the Cloud

Here are ten problems you can solve simply by moving to the cloud: The Problem: IT Focus With the cloud, your focus can be on running your business – NOT on running your IT. You won’t have to deal with additional hardware or timely installations. These types of responsibilities move to the cloud provider. Your […]

Pain Points Solved by the Cloud

Cloud computing has quickly become a problem-solver in the business world. It solves numerous issues that businesses face including addressing the needs of remote workers, hassles within the IT team, growth management and budget management. With the cloud solving so many business problems, it’s no wonder that most organizations are turning to the technology today. Remote Workers Many […]

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Choose Carefully: One in four cloud providers will be gone by 2015

Computerworld – LAS VEGAS — Cloud adopters face serious risk in the next two years because of the strong possibility that their provider will be acquired or forced out of business, according to Gartner. The research firm is predicting a major consolidation in cloud services and estimates that about 25% of the top 100 IT service […]