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Is that Windows on an iPad?

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We give you your desktop on the go. And that’s exactly what you see here. Access your everyday apps from Outlook, to Office, to whatever else you want. When we say your desktop anywhere, anytime, anyplace, we literally mean it. All this is accessed within a simple app on your device hosted through Citrix. It’s revolutionary to say the least.

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Internet Explorer

Want to be able to surf the web from within your desktop without having to jump back to your device’s stock internet browser? Use the browser of your choice all on your desktop. It’s so easy to customize the way you use your tablet or smartphone. Surfing on a really cool page on your tablet that you want to check out on your laptop? Just bookmark the page and when you log in on your laptop, it’ll be right there. Convenience has never been this convenient before.

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Your Files

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Whatever you have saved on your desktop is always on your desktop, no matter what device you’re accessing it on. Save a presentation on your laptop and edit it while sitting at the coffee shop on your tablet. Create a new report on your smartphone and complete it on your desktop computer in the office. Never worry about forgetting something, because everything you need is right where you are.

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Runs Windows 7

Our CloudDesktop is fully loaded with Windows 7 set up and ready for your use. We also give you the option to include Microsoft ShareFile, Exchange 2010 or any other app of your choosing. Licensing is simple and we make it easy to get up and started.

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Work on anything

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Edit that spreadsheet that you need to complete, work on a presentation, access any file that you normally would on your desktop, all from anywhere. CloudDesktop is the ultimate tool for maximum productivity. Imagine being in the field and getting your dream deal. Just go into your CloudDesktop, edit the contract to personalize your client and have them sign on the spot. We bet it’ll make your life so much easier.

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